real estate in italy

Investing in real estate in italy

Regardless of the fluctuations in markets across Europe in past years, recent data indicate an increase in investments in the Italian real estate market by foreign investors. Italy has a powerful charm that lures people from all over the world. The unique Mediterranean climate, the history and its rich art and culture, not to mention the Italian cuisine and excellent wine , Make Italy an excellent choice for vacation or retirement ...


debt collection

A guide to debt collection in Italy

Despite the principle in Italian civil code that "the debtor is liable with all his current and future assets, debt collection in Italy carries certain challenges concerning procedures and time table around credit recovery. Nevertheless, with the introduction of the "Online civil trial" (processo telematico) and other amendments, debt collection became more simple in some cases where the debtor has a written, signed proof of the debt.


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Car Accident in Italy - What should you do

According to the Italian law, Any person who has been injured and suffered damages (provided that he is not responsible) at the time of the accident is entitled to compensation for all damages. However in some situations no one is clearly responsible for the accident and so the assumption will be that the accident was caused evenly by the fault of both sides and therefore it is likely that liability will be apportioned on a 50/50 basis (50% of the damages suffered).

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