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  • Private International Law

    Private international law governs civil and commercial law transactions and disputes that contain international elements and regulates the legal relations between private or corporate entities of different countries.


    Our law firm successfully represented clients from around the world in connection with private international law in cases involving Italian law or when a decision is required by the Italian legal system. For example: Contractual dispute concerning an agreement that was executed in Italy when one of the parties is a foreign resident, Debt collection on behalf of foreign nationals, Divorce between a foreign citizen and an Italian citizen, Civil claim in Italy when the defendant or plaintiff is a foreign national, Criminal charges filed in Italy against foreign nationals

  • Civil and Commerical Law

    In Italy,  commercial law is part of Italian civil law. The basic principles of contractual matters are contained in the Italian civil Code, as well as the basic principles of corporate law. While the "common law" legal system is based on court rulings and give binding force to judicial decisions. The Italian law (based on the continental legal system) attributes less importance to precedence. I order to rule on a legal matter. The Italian magistrate turns to a detailed set of laws called 'codice' that provides an answer to most legal issues.


    Our firm offers a wide range legal services  in the matter of civil and commercial law to corporate and individual customers who seek for legal advise and representation. We support our customers in their legal and business requirements in the areas of contract law, civil and commercial litigation, debt collection and debt settlement and family law.

  • Criminal Law

    The Italian Criminal Code is separated into two parts: the first part describing the types of criminal offenses is called the 'Codice Penale', the second part of the Criminal Code is called the Codice di Procedura Penale (Code of Criminal Procedure) governing criminal procedures, such as investigation of crimes, arrests, prosecution and trial of the defendant.


    For over twelve years our attorneys defended successfully foreign and domestic customers in Italy against various criminal charges and ensure Our customers competent, assertive, legal representation in a comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere.

  • Additional Services

    • Enforcement of foreign sentences in Italy
    • Research and retrieval of civil certified records in Italy
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